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Many companies are adopting AI, but very few are making a tangible return. This is because most operations are managing in Post-hoc approach, which is considering what to do next after seeing what happens with current solution.

Impactive AI provides AI predictive solutions to help operations shift from Post-hoc to Pre-hoc approach. From product launch to production to sales, we turn the entire process into a Pre-hoc predictive process. With this system, we improve companies’ profitability.

What distinguishes Impactive AI


Proprietary AI prediction model and business model 

development methodology


All AI executives are PhDs

Expertise in AI technology and busiess


Top-tier AI expertise enables predictive response across the entire life-cycle, from product launch to product discontinuation


News Release




Accumulated 24 AI-related patent applications, 2 U.S.A patent applications and achieved 2 patent registrations

Selected as the 3rd of 2024 L-CAMP Silicon Valley (Lotte Ventures)

NOVSlected in Seoul Business Agency's 2023 O.B. Beer Open Innovation Company
Wins 'Digital Innovation Award' Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, Hankook Ilbo
Wins Grand Prize in Computing Category at 'Republic of Korea AI Awards Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, IT Chosun

OCTSelected in APAC CIO Outlook's 'Top 20 AI Solution Companies'
Korean Society for Intelligent Information Systems (KSIIS) Excellence Award in the Intelligent Start-up Category
Triumph at the Berlin Drivery Pitching Competition in Germany
Securing Pre-A Investment from the Credit Guarantee Fund and Ulsan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation 

SEPGrand Prize Winner at Hansol Group's V Frontiers Demo Day
Accumulated 18 AI-related patent applications and achieved 2 patent registrations

AUGPre-A investment secured from Blue Point Partners and Enlight Ventures 


Selected Korea Economic's Daily's selection of 'Leading Medium-sized Products'
Conducting the 'Next-Generation Entrepreneurial Spirit Camp in the AI Era' in Rwanda as a social contribution project

Selected as a 'stepping stone' for startup growth technology development project
Selected as 'First Penguin' of KODIT (Credit Guarantee Fund)
Accumulated 14 AI-related patent application
Deep Flow trademark registration
ISO9001 (Quality Management System) Certification
Selected as the 13th of Start-up Nest(Credit Guarantee Fund)
Won the 'Excellent AI Award' in the <Machine Learning Demand Prediction> category
Selected as a support project for IP (Intellectual Property) Nare Program 
Selected as a government support project for AI voucher
Certified as a specialized research business

Wins Special Prize at Korea Artificial Intelligence Awards Sponsored by IT Chosun
Selected as Pre-Tips startup company
Selected as a IBK Incubator Innovative Startup Company 
Certified as a venture company
Machine Learning Demand Prediction Research - Best Paper Award from the Korea Society of Technology Innovation
Selected as SSRN Top Paper (Machine Learning Prediction Research)
Certified as a corporate affiliated research center
Conducted 'AI Training Camp' for university stundets in developing countries(Global Social Innovation Project)
Selected for the Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center G-Star Dreamers Project 
Published a new book by Doohee Jung - The Next Billion Dollar (The real impact of AI is coming in the next 10 years)

Won 'ICT Grand Prize' in the AI Consulting category at the Korea Outstanding Company Awards organized by Money Today
Research on voice assistant development methodology for vehicles - Awarded the Best Paper Award by IITP (Institute for Information & communication Technology Planning & evaluation) and KOTIS(Korea Technology  Innovation Society)
Research on machine learning technology acceptance prediction model - Awarded the Best Paper Award of the Technology Management and Economics Society 

Established Impactive AI

Impactive AI

Seoul Office. 13th Floor, 507 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Rep. of Korea

Pohang Office. 558 Han-dongro, Business Incubation Center 406, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Rep. of Korea 

R&D center. Heegyeong Building C, Room 404, 47, Maeheon-ro 8-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea,    02-563-9877  / 054-261-9855

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